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We can provide business skills training for new starts, small businesses & SME’s.

The following courses are examples of both our current and past work with various authorities and organisations:

market traders

Yes Manchester - New Start Business Training

Calling all budding entrepreneurs! A fantastic new course is open to those ready to take their first steps to success!

10 week duration program with limited availability on which you will gain the knowledge you need to take your ideas from drawing board to high street.

Open Day: 3 October 2018 10am–1pm

Course Dates: Every Wednesday for 10 weeks – 10am–1pm

Start Date: 10 October 2018 Click here to take a look at the Training Programme

market traders

One Manchester - New Start Market Stalls & On-Line Traders Training 2018-19

They are offering free training so Participants can become a new market stall trader or trade online. There is also a fantastic opportunity to access a small start-up grant too, based on eligibility and completion of the whole programme. This training workshop is for new retail businesses, or existing traders with no more than 30 months in business.

Participants will get:

  • Awareness of the skills needed as a Market Trader or On-line Retailer
  • Practical ideas and actions points
  • Guidance of the rules and regulations to help support their business
  • All equipment and materials will be provided

Participants can discuss their ideas and find out more about the training on one of the three open days:

  • 5 September, 10am - 1pm - The Place, Fallowfield, Manchester
  • 6 September, 10am - 1pm - The Roundhouse (Manchester Settlement), Openshaw, Manchester
  • 7 September, 10am - 1pm - Aquarius Centre, Hulme, Manchester

The training workshop will begin on Monday 17 September 2018 at:
The Place at Platt Lane, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 7FB

Click here to take a look at the Bring and Show Event photos from Spring 2018 Training Programme

Social Media Training

Halton Chamber of Commerce

Halton Chamber of Commerce – Are offering members support with Prosper Associates training on how best members can grow their business using a range of online, social media platforms – all of which can work wonders for businesses. Whether businesses are completely new to Social Media or keen for their Social Media activity to be more effective and generate a better return. Each workshop is specifically designed to provide Participants with the knowledge and skills they need to make 2018’s Social Media strategy effective:

Facebook - By the end of the workshop Participants will know:

  • How to set up and optimize a Facebook business page
  • How to reach a new audience using Facebook
  • How to encourage more discussion and interaction on your business page
  • How to develop, execute and measure a campaign on Facebook
  • Facebook adverts, how to analyse whether they’ll work for you
  • Facebook etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts


  • How does Twitter work
  • What are retweets
  • Hashtags and Trends
  • Twitter etiquette – Dos and Don’ts
  • What to talk about, and how to hit the right tone for this environment


  • Your Company on LinkedIn, how can you ensure you make a fantastic first impression on prospective customers or employees
  • How can you integrate LinkedIn into a wider marketing strategy?
  • How to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing
  • LinkedIn Groups and how to make the most of them
  • The LinkedIn social home feed, how to maximize your visibility
  • How to use status updates to start conversations and establish yourself as a leader in your sector
  • LinkedIn etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts


  • How do you find followers and follow others?
  • How often and what should you share?
  • Use hashtags for additional reach
  • How to reinforce your brand
  • How to monitor marketing progress on Instagram
  • Instagram etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

market traders

Moss Side Street Market Traders Training Days

We covered the following aspects of Market Trading: Market trading rules and regulations, displaying products for sale, promotions, housekeeping, customer service, exploring ways sales could be increased. We also focused on turnover and profitability.
These were undertaken on the following dates in readiness for the first street market in Moss Side launch on 5th April:

Monday 17th March & Thursday 20th March
Monday 24th March & Thursday 27th March
Monday 31st March & Thursday 3rd April
Our Client in this case was the Manchester City Council Central Regeneration Team

Here are some pictures of the final training session:

levenshulme market girls school

Manchester City Council – Levenshulme High School for Girls, Levenshulme, Manchester

The objective was to introduce 10 Young People from the school to trade at the local market. The benefits would include; greater footfall for the market, an increase spend in the local areas, very positive publicity, engagement with local Radio Station and a greater connection with Young People.

Our aim was to motivate the Young People, who have expressed an interest with regards the opportunity of having their own market stalls in the local market and encouraging them to drive their own development of this idea. This development will enable the young people to; believe in themselves & others – work as a Team, the ability to learn from experienced people, aspire to / achieve, fulfil their own unique individual personal potential, create an avenue and path for future employment or self-enterprise.

The Young People were trained on the aspects of product and market stall presentation, customer service and sales. The group were informed of other Young People market stalls that work and success stories of Market Stall holders who have become household names.


Rochdale Retail Training Programme

This was a brand new FREE training programme for the Retail Sector Three sets of training courses each lasted two hours of highly motivational, inspirational, energising and interactive sessions. This program was designed to make sure that your selling and standards both in care and service, giving you practical hints, tips and knows how, in delivering a service that differentiates your business from the competition What makes great customer service, getting the right tone, instilling and sustain a great selling and service culture.

To find out more about this, click here to read and download a brochure about this course


Pop Up in Rochdale - Training courses

This was a brand new FREE training programme for anyone opening a #PopUp in Rochdale Borough.

Three sets of training courses each lasted two hours of highly motivational, inspirational, energising and interactive sessions. This program is designed to make sure that your Pop Up excels both in care and service giving you practical hints, tips

To find out more, click here to read and download a brochure about this course


Cheetham Hill, Manchester - Mystery Shopper Programme

This was a programme conducted by ourselves in partnership with Manchester City Council and the North Manchester Neighbourhood Regeneration Team.

It was undertaken and designed to engage retailers and traders in the Cheetham Hill Centre. The aim of the project was to improve local retail performance and also strengthen the partnership between traders, customers and the local authority., click here to read and download a brochure about this project


Manchester City Council - The Strangeways Business Network Project (Now known as Manchester Fashion District)

The project focused on establishing a network of businesses in the Strangeways area of Manchester which will support economic growth, physical improvements to the neighbourhood and a reduction in crime, there was an additional year commissioned after the first year.

Initial Contract Outcomes

  • Developed publicity for the Strangeways Business Network and forum authorised by the Manchester City Council’s North Manchester Regeneration Team.
  • Engaged 112 businesses across the Strangeways business district to join a virtual network of Strangeways business.
  • Identified 32 businesses to form the Strangeways Business Network Forum
  • Identified 15 businesses from the Strangeways Business Network Forum who were interested in joining a wider North Manchester network focused around the delivery of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Assisted businesses to register on Manchester City Council’s website in order to report environmental issues.
  • Produced an evaluation of the project along with recommendations for the delivery in the remaining Strangeways neighbourhoods.

Follow up Contract Outcomes
This phase was to provide intensive support to the group who then were known as Strangeways Business Network Forum, continued membership growth, for them to become organised with functional roles and have a clear set of priorities.

Campaign for Network Forum name change, was initiated in the September with a virtual debate and discussion on line. The general consensus after three months was that a motion was to put the proposed name of Manchester Fashion District to a Group meeting vote in the next year.

Contract Outcomes

  • The first Key Note speaker was introduced into the bi-monthly meeting, on this occasion the theme was business growth through digital innovation, delivered by the Business Growth Hub with the emphasis on modern day businesses have to be digitally engaged.
  • Elected Members for the Network Forum Committee; Chairperson, Marketing Officer and Communications Officer.
  • Superfast Broadband Connectivity – Initiative by Manchester City Council. The opportunity for members to ascertain vouchers worth £3,000 for help with connection costs
  • The bi-monthly keynote speaker from Centre for Local Economic Strategies whom Manchester City Council have commissioned to undertake an economic assessment of Strangeways to guide future growth and investment.
  • Campaign for Network Forum name change in the bi-monthly meeting continued the discussions that had emanated from a previous bi-monthly meeting with regards naming the Group and it was voted unanimously that the new name for the business district from here on in will be Manchester Fashion District.


Manchester City Council - Cheetham Hill Village Traders Network

To focus on establishing a formalised and sustainable network of businesses in the Cheetham Hill area of North Manchester which will support economic growth, physical improvements to the neighbourhood and a reduction in crime. The network will support businesses across Cheetham Hill to share knowledge and challenge issues such as; crime, litter, low levels of recycling and illegal parking, in addition to developing and delivering initiatives to contribute to business growth. A formalised Cheetham Hill Village Traders Network (CHVT) will assist in raising the profile of both the businesses involved and the district as a whole.

Contract Outcomes

  • Formalised the Cheetham Hill Village Traders Network including, the assignment of roles and developed a constitution.
  • Provided capacity building support structure for committee members, specifically communication skills and liaison with local services.
  • Develop a written action plan with CHVT that listed their refined and agreed priorities, with an initial 12 month delivery schedule.
  • Engaged with 40 businesses by telecommunications and 14 businesses via face to face meetings.
  • There now is a virtual Cheetham Hill Village Traders Network of over 30 businesses.


Manchester City Council - Moston Lane Traders Network

The project is to establish and formalise a network of traders along Moston Lane, in the Moston area of North Manchester which will support economic growth, physical improvements to the neighbourhood and a reduction in crime. By bringing together businesses from within the Moston Lane area who share a common drive and ambition, we hope to support the area in fulfilling its potential. The Moston Lane Traders’ Network project aims to engage with a cross section of traders from along Moston Lane.

Contract Outcomes

  • Developed effective publicity for the Moston Lane Traders’ Network
  • Engaged with businesses along Moston Lane to join the network and a virtual network
  • Design publicity and registration forms for the network
  • Identified key traders to take leadership roles in the network and bring forward its activities
  • Facilitated and formalised the governance including constitution and bank account of the Moston Lane Traders’ Network
  • Extensive work with Moston Lane Traders’ Network to identify key actions for the group to work on in the short to medium term


Manchester City Council - North Manchester Corporate Social Responsibility Network Dec

CSR Network for North Manchester to be established, to fully engage both small and medium sized employers, social enterprises and third sector organisations to show that valuable CSR work can be delivered without a large workforce or turnover. Important CSR activities can be delivered by them and can be as basic as sharing knowledge, experience and best practice. Also the North Manchester CSR Network will have a specific focus on developing activities around:

  • Promoting local employment opportunities including traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Reducing youth unemployment
  • Increasing local volunteering opportunities
  • Increasing education and training opportunities
  • Improvement projects in partnership with local stakeholders
  • Supporting schools and other North Manchester learning providers

Contract Outcomes

  • Engaged with (including undertaking a survey with all contacts to assess awareness, opinions & interest) before signing up North Manchester private sector employers and third sector partners promoting the benefits of CSR and a North Manchester CSR network
  • Created a North Manchester CSR promotional campaign including a flyer to aid engagement and as a tool for ongoing recruitment to the network
  • We produced a summary of the engagement and an action plan for the establishment of a North Manchester CSR Network. This document included responses and feedback from all businesses / third sector partners communicated with
  • Organised and formalised a CSR Network Steering Group, along with facilitating a meeting of this group prior to the official CSR Network launch
  • In partnership with DWP, Prosper Associates created and delivered a training programme for North Manchester Residents currently unemployed and in receipt of Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance and Universal Credits benefits. The unemployed residents trained finished the programme with Work Experience placements. Eight weeks after the programme finished 35% of the programme completers have gained employment.

Hulme high st

Manchester City Council - Hulme High Street Retail Project (

Prosper Associates commissioned to provide support for the existing local retail businesses which will improve their offer, footfall, and presence on the High Street in the Hulme area of Manchester and raise number of visits and sales from the local resident community and beyond via the creation of a marketing strategy. The businesses were mixture of Market Traders in fixed container units and bricks & mortar shops. The methods used were:

  • Mystery Shopper Exercise conducted on businesses in order to support Partnership Working.
  • Business Development and Environment awareness of the District Centre
  • Intermediate analyses of findings with businesses
  • Data collection
  • Project evaluation

Contract Outcomes
  • Improved local retail offer which would attract more customers, both local and beyond
  • Existing traders were equipped to run a more profitable and sustainable businesses after 121 training and business planning
  • Develop a database of High Street businesses
  • Businesses able to embrace social media and the internet to market their services/goods
  • Improved visual environment to Hulme High street


Manchester City Council - Moss Side Market Traders Training

Following on from the training for fledging Market Traders previously, these sessions were taking the Traders through to the next level with strategic approaches. We considered different aspects of Market Trading:

  • Businesses adopting a Market Trading plan
  • How Traders can manage their Market Stall more effectively, keeping track of growth and development and how to sell more to customers & increase sales
  • The very best in Market Stall Presentation
  • Marketing, advertising and promoting the Market Stall, using modern methods and social media
  • What will drive Market Traders to further success and sustainability


Rochdale MB Council – Business Speaker for The Start Up Engines Programme an Enterprising Libraries Project (January 2015)

Marketing – The most powerful tool for the Small Business owner or new Start Up; Prosper Associates commissioned to deliver a talk on tips, inspiration and ideas for marketing success. Featured was the Marketing Mix and how to implement an effective marketing campaign with proven results. The talk included case studies, hand-outs and the business attendees were able to come away with their own “elevator pitch”.