About Us


Provision of NEETS (16-18year olds) Foundation Learning Programmes. The aim of giving learners greater motivation, able to have structure in their daily lives, personal development and introduce the learners to the skill of self-assessment in order to identify goals. Also to introduce the learners to the process of setting long- and short-term goals and ways to achieve them.

Provision of Motivational / Employment Foundation Training for the Unemployed. The aim is to help individuals identify barriers (perceived or actual) and build up tools and techniques to enable them to remove such barriers and re enter the workforce. This is through further personal development, training or education.

First element of the programme is around motivational aspects, self-belief, self- esteem, having a structure and routine, well being, looking at skills developed through work – including voluntary, caring for families, team work.

The second element is focused on job search skills, interview techniques, creating or building a C.V. Consideration for the future…… Employment or Enterprise?


Our business training offering is based on a relationship building strategy, from the local authority Regeneration Teams and Town Teams to private sector strategic level - commissioned by business owners and entrepreneurs help build & grow their businesses. Also on a tactical basis – commissioned by sales and marketing directors to support them in achieving their revenue goal.

We are pro-active in the following areas:

  • Retail Strategy
  • Retail training
  • Market & Craft Traders & Mystery Shopper programmes
  • Business skills training
  • New start businesses
  • Business Plans / planning
  • Introduction to sales
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time Management & Delegation skills
  • Building Great Relationships in business
  • Turning Customers Into Advocates
  • Generating Greater Revenue
  • Lead Generation & Telemarketing training and campaigns

Some of our existing clients:

  • Local Authorities:
    • Manchester City Council
    • Rochdale MBC
    • Oldham MBC
  • Education Sector:
    • Manchester College
    • Riverside College
  • Private Sector:
    • Fazilas Foods
    • Spectrum Ophthalmic
    • York Bio/Unilabs
    • Vindon Scientific
    • LGC Health Sciences

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